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KC Supply Discusses Wear Resistant Liners for Material Handling Systems

A good wear-resistant liner can ensure that a significant piece of handling or manufacturing equipment can provide top-notch performance for years to come. These liners ensure that conveyor belts continue to run at their peak, creating a seamless, efficient process. There are many liners for conveyor belts, and manufacturers need to identify what their system needs to get that perfect match. 

Different Types of Abrasions and Liners 

You need the right tool for the job, and liners are no different. There are four different types: 

  • AR Liner – Also called “abrasion resistant,” this type is the most ideal for machinery that handles abrasive material. 
  • Ultra-High-Molecular-Weight Polyethylene – Known as UHMWPE or UHMW, this is a form of wear-resistant-liner that can handle acidic and abrasive material. 
  • Stainless Steel – If the belt is handling acidic or abrasive material, a stainless-steel liner is ideal. 
  • Galvanized Coating – If the material is not abrasive but acidic, this is the liner for you. 

Why do liners wear off? 

Abrasion is a nightmare for any machine. The long exposure to corrosive rubbing, grinding, and wearing will eventually cause the machine to lose efficiency and even cause many potential machine issues. If the material that the machine is handling is abrasive, find out if it deals with high-stress and low stress. Impact abrasion is another cause of wear when the abrasive material strikes a surface. Therefore, the wear’s cause is just as important when considering what type of liner to purchase. 

The wear-resistant liners protect the machines from damage. AR liners, in particular, are significant in defending against abrasive materials. It’s hard and resists cutting and penetration. But if the material your machine is handling is both abrasive and corrosive, you might want to choose UHMW or stainless-steel liners themselves. Be advised, however, that the latter may not last as long as others. 

Carefully gauge your materials, equipment, and needs to select the right liner for the job. 

KC Supply believes in getting the right equipment to ensure that machines work at full efficiency for as long as possible. Visit KC Supply to learn more. 

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KC Supply Explains: What are the hazards in grain handling facilities?

Grain handling can be a precarious business, as people in the agricultural industry well know. There are various hazards and dangers in handling, and accidents have been significant (and fatal) enough that OSHA has its section for the matter. Here’s what you need to know to get started on grain safety. 

Common Hazards 

The most common hazards involving grain include fires, explosions, falls, entrapment and suffocation, and even crushing. This can come from a variety of reasons. 


Sometimes, grain bins become clogged up, requiring personnel to enter the bin and clear the blockage from the pipes so that the grain may flow freely again. But during the process of grain handling, the worker can get trapped within the bin and unable to climb out, leading to suffocation. Grain acts like quicksand—it could take very little time before a worker becomes engulfed and suffocated. 


Grain dust is extremely flammable and highly combustible. When ignited, fire spreads rapidly. A grain bin can trigger a tremendous explosion, causing severe damage to property and personnel near it. No incendiaries must be anywhere near a grain bin to reduce the risks. 


Most grain bins’ height can lead to potential falls when workers climb on top to do maintenance work or grain handling. It’s critical to install safety handrails and other similar equipment around walking or climbing surfaces to prevent workers from slipping and plunging. 

Safety Reminders 

OSHA recommends companies that handle grain should keep all safety protocols and reminders in place. Powered equipment should be turned off and locked when not in use, and no one should be near or standing on moving grain lest they get buried in it. Body harnesses are highly recommended when doing grain handling that involves direct contact—a properly secured harness can save a life by helping others to yank out anyone that gets caught in the moving grain. 

By keeping these hazards and safety precautions in mind, workers can avoid many common grain-handling hazards. 

KC Supply specializes in providing all kinds of equipment, including safety equipment, for agricultural purposes. Visit KC Supply to find out more. 

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KC Supply Co Explains How to Choose the Right Manway Cover for Storage Tanks

With the new Manway products available, KC Supply Co is often asked how to choose the right cover that fits a specific storage tank or need. Finding the correct product for the proper tank or purpose is critical—mismatching tanks and covers could result in hazardous and costly accidents during the transport, loading, and unloading of the storage tanks’ contents. It could cause spills or depressurization, causing untold damage.

The Process is the Key

When trying to choose a tank cover, the critical first step is to consider the entire process or procedure. Lay down a flow chart of what the material to be put into the storage tank is, the conditions around it, and how it gets loaded and unloaded. Then you can understand what Manway cover is needed.

  • Know your chemical: What kind of chemical is getting stored in the tank? This is a highly significant factor as the various chemicals and substances that get transported can vary significantly regarding what conditions are needed to store them. Storing water is vastly different from storing crude oil or chemicals.
  • Tank filling procedure: How a tank is filled with the chemical is also essential. Various covers can adapt to filling the tank through a pump, gravity, or pneumatic fill.
  • Access requirements: Finally, you need to specify how you will access the substance in the tank. Manway covers come in a variety of types that allow for different levels of accessibility. Does the tank need to be airtight? Does it need to be cleaned now and again? Does it need built-in venting or proper pressurization?

By knowing your substance and storage needs, you can choose the most appropriate Manway cover for your storage tank. Furthermore, it gives you peace of mind knowing that not only will the storage tank be secured as needed, but it also adheres to the highest level of safety to ensure years of efficient work.

You need the right tools and parts for the right job to ensure efficiency and safety. Visit KC Supply Co to learn more about state-of-the-art parts and equipment.








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KC Supply Co Celebrates Grain Bin Safety Week 2021

KC Supply Co joins the rest of the industry in holding the all-important Grain Bin Safety Week for 2021. This week-long event is held every year and emphasizes grain bins, safety protocol, accident prevention, and other methods and procedures that ensure the protection of every worker around the grain bins.

The Major Statistics

Grain bin safety seems inconsequential in the large scheme of processing. But the truth is that it’s a serious concern for any industry and workers who work around the bins. The statistics on grain bin accidents are staggering. In 2018 to 2019, the reports of grain entrapments throughout the United States rose tremendously, going up to 27%. The number of deaths caused by grain entrapments rose to a staggering 53%.

The Real Dangers

Grain Bin Safety Week seeks to emphasize the dangers of working around grain bins. Sometimes, there is a necessity to enter the bins to dislodge clumps or chunks of built-up grain that may prevent it from flowing freely. But the risk is extreme: even someone standing still at the bin could find themselves trapped or engulfed in settled grain. And once they’re trapped, it’s almost impossible to extricate them from this position. Safety protocols must be put into place to prevent this from happening.

The Movement

This year, Nationwide continues to work with industry leaders to continue protecting agricultural workers from grain bin accidents. For Grain Bin Safety Week, they are once again running the Nominate Your Fire Department Contest, which seeks to equip local fire departments with valuable grain rescue tubes as well as hands-on training that give first responders the critical knowledge to save trapped workers.

Over 5,000 nominations, tubes, and training sessions have been provided to fire departments across the United States throughout the years, enabling them to save more lives. With everyone’s help and support, more tubes and training can get provided, saving even more workers from entrapment in grain bins.

KC Supply Co puts worker safety at the forefront. Visit KC Supply to find more essential safety products for various industries.


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New Products from KC Supply: Mechanical Tank Truck Products

New Products from KC Supply: Mechanical Tank Truck Products

KC Supply Co’s latest line of equipment is the new Civacon transportation products. The New Year comes with some of the latest mechanical tank truck parts and products that are a must-have for safety during the handling and transporting hazardous liquids or dry-bulk commodities.

This selection of heavy-duty manholes that offer unparalleled operational and safety benefits can be fitted for just about any model of the petroleum tank truck. They come in plated steel.

Various vapor vents in different types and models are available, offering both standard and high flow rate designs. Even trucks that need a unique Crude Oil Vapor Vent can find what they need here.

Among the new Civacon transportation products are vapor recovery vents, adaptors, and accessories. This allows trucks to maintain optimal control over vapors during the cargo tank loading procedures.

These all-important parts can minimize the risk during underride collisions from emergency valves and shear valves to foot valves. Civacon has engineered these valves to ensure that any collision results in a clean breakaway for safety.

These dust caps are the safest, most secure, and most reliable when loading and unloading cargo tanks. They’ve been specially engineered to address international safety standards. The couplers are also designed for one-hand operation to make things easier for operators.

The new Civacon transportation products lines also include air control systems. Both safe and straightforward operate; these critical components ensure the safest operation possible for an entire cargo tank’s air system during loading and unloading.

These are just some of the brand new Civacon products that have been made available at KC Supply Co. All of them have been designed with state-of-the-art technology and careful engineering that meet international safety standards. These parts make sure that operators and systems that involve the critical handling of substances remain the safest and most secure operation possible.

The safety and efficiency of operators and personnel are paramount to any process. Learn more about safety equipment for heavy industries at KC Supply Co.

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More New Products From KC Supply Co: Civacon Electrical Tank Truck Products

KC Supply Co has new Civacon items this year. Electrical tank truck products and rail products are now part of the many parts and features available. All these systems and accessories have been specially designed with the highest quality engineering to ensure safety and efficiency for virtually all models of electrical tank trucks.

Some of the new products include:

For increased efficiency and unparalleled overfill detection, the new on-tank overfill systems have been designed to ensure that not only are they easy to install, but they’ll be straightforward to operate as well. They have advanced “plug-n-load” systems and meet quality and safety standards according to industry regulations.

Like many Civacon products, electrical tank truck products and onboard monitors come with many variations to ensure that they can fit just about any electrical tank truck system. Both ROMlink onboard monitors and ROM II onboard monitors are part of the new line, offering many years of reliable performance and best-in-class safeguarding to prevent accidental overfills.

Apart from these products, Civacon has worked with Knappco to produce state of the art rail products for various railcar loading and unloading needs. These include:

The railcar manhole covers can handle full opening pressures of up to 30 PSI and can be used for salt, cement, dry food, and even crude oils.

Like the range found in Civacon electrical tank truck products, there are many railcar valves also available. The 3” aluminum swing check valves, butterfly valves, and even relief valves are part of the new line of equipment that prevents clogging, withstand high pressures, and can handle the most rugged of conditions as well as numerous types of material or liquid.

Noteworthy among the Civacon products (electrical tank truck products and rail car products) is the careful attention to the highest safety standards. Civacon’s line ensures that the personnel, vehicles, and operation remains safe and secure, no matter what gets transported.

KC Supply Co believes in using parts and systems that guarantee any industrial operation’s safety and efficiency. Visit KC Supply Co to find more selections of safety parts and equipment.

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