Non-Pressure Rated

New – Protective Screen

Weld on or bolt in styles from 6 inch to 24 inch.

Wing-Nut Style

Provides a secure closure by tightening the wing nut assembly
Available as six (6″) LH or eight (8″) LW inch diameter series

Cross-Arm Style

Self-locking strong-arm assembly flipa down to close
Available in 6, 8, 10, 12, 16 and 20 inch diameter series
Series = LH, LA, LB, LS, LD, LE or LX Series

Cam-Lever Style

Cover is held down by mutiple, adjustable cam levers
Available as twenty (20″) KP or thirty (30″) LT inch diameter series

Cross-Arm with Cam-Lever Style

Self-locking strong-arm assembly flips down to close
while using the cam-lever for addition securtiy
Available in twenty (20″) KM or twenty-four (24″) KN inch diameter series

Clamp-Ring Style

A worm-gear clamp-ring attaches the cover to the weld ring
Inexpensive design for rarely opened covers
Available in sixteen (16″) KF or twenty (20″) KG inch diameter series

Clamp-Ring Cross-Arm Style

Dual opening cover allows filling while leaving manway closed
Only Available with 10″ Fill cover
Main cover available with sixteen (16″) KA or twenty (20″) inch diameter series

Aluminum Hinged Clean Outs

Lighweight aluminum clean outs either flat or contoured to pipe diameter

Mechanical Latch Style

One-hand operation uses a quarter-tum to seal
Low Profile available with curved radius too


Includes bin entry, clean-out, fill cover, hand holes, inspection door, manway, sampling port and more
No tools required to open yet most can be locked to restrict access


Available in Carbon Steel, Galvanized, Aluminum and Stainless Steel (304,316 and 316L)


Options includes: Black Buna N, White Neoprene, EPDM, Hi-temp, Teflon, Viton and more