Respirators are essential personal protective devices that are used in various industries all over the world. The COVID-19 pandemic also shone a limelight on the devices, as they became in short supply at the onset of the pandemic as healthcare workers scrambled to find one to be protected from the virus.  

Now that the pandemic and mandatory masking are a thing of the past, respirators are again in rampant supply. Here at KC Supply Co, we have a wide range of respirators. Whether you’re looking for a disposal mask or a more durable respirator for your employees, we have the equipment to satisfy your company’s needs.  

Please take a look at our offerings below.  

  1. Disposable mask – A disposable mask is easy to use and ideal in environments where you only need to filter out non-oil particulates in the air to protect your employees. Extra effort has to be given to ensure that a particular series of disposable masks fit an employee well. 

  2. Half-mask respirator – A half-mask respirator is ideal in many scenarios. The appropriate combination of pre-filters, filters, and cartridges can protect against harmful particles, fumes, vapors, and gases.   

  3. Full facepiece respirator – Full facepiece respirators give the same protection from harmful agents in the air as a half mask respirator, with the added benefit of forgoing the need for goggles. This is ideal in areas with a risk of exposure to smoke, vapors, and sprays that could harm the employee if exposed without any eye protection. 

  1. Self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) – SCBA protects the user from oxygen deficiency, dust, gases, and vapors at plants. These could even be used in tunnels or even by firefighters. SCBA offers greater versatility than other respirators as its use is not limited to environments with ample oxygen supply, with the drawback of having to carry your own oxygen tank. 

With our large variety of MSA and Draeger respirators, we can provide the best respirator for your particular work environment. To find out more about our available respirators and to fit test yours, visit us today.