Safety should always be your priority, as it is your employer’s responsibility to identify and mitigate workplace hazards. A safe workplace leads to a more productive environment and happier, healthier employees.  

 Keep an eye on these hazards:  

 Biological — Biological hazards potentially spread diseases in the workplace. Aside from the current pandemic and health protocols, consider if your employees also need updated vaccines, such as for the flu and other rampant diseases.  

  1. Chemical — Exposure to poorly managed industrial chemicals can lead to many adverse effects, such as skin irritation, burns, or eye injuries. These chemicals must be appropriately stored, and access to them must be restricted to authorized personnel with the appropriate training and personal protective equipment (PPE). 
  1. Confined spaces — Working in confined spaces is always among the most common workplace hazards. Always train the concerned personnel on how to function in the confined space, and teach those assigned to rescue them in times of emergency.  
  1. Electrical shocks — Shocks can occur without warning. Proper maintenance of electrical installations and immediate repair or replacement of damaged cables and appliances will keep them from happening. 
  1. Falls — Falls from high places or falling objects are among the most common and severe workplace injuries. Prevent falls by limiting access to authorized personnel, securing tools and safety equipment, and training staff on how to use them.  
  1. Fire — Fires are often the result of poorly maintained electrical equipment or other accidents. You must always have accessible fire extinguishers and ensure personnel is trained to use them. 
  1. Machinery malfunction — Workplace hazards are often caused by malfunctioning equipment, which can potentially cause life-threatening accidents. Prevent this through regular maintenance and training workers to report any malfunction.  
  1. Noise — Hearing damage or loss occurs in employees exposed to loud noises for prolonged periods. Supply your employees with the appropriate PPE and employ a shifting work schedule to ensure they are exposed to these sounds for the minimal time possible. 
  1. Physical — Encourage a work environment that promotes a Clean-As-You-Go system. To prevent physical injuries caused by an unsafe work environment, always ensure that the workplace is neat and orderly. 
  1. Poor Ergonomics — Poor ergonomics can lead to sprains and body fatigue that accumulate over time, leading to poor morale in your employees as they would relate work with pain. Workplace hazards caused by poor ergonomics can be resolved by training your employees in posture and fostering an ergonomic environment in your company. 

Eliminating workplace hazards is a nearly impossible task. Still, you would decrease these chances with good housekeeping, proper tools, and training. You would also know how to handle them should the need arise. 

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