There are a ton of different personal protective equipment (PPE), and finding the right one for your company might be a daunting task. We at KC Supply Co are here to provide you with the different types of commonly used PPEs that you may require in your given profession.

Hearing Protection

OSHA guidelines dictate that noise exposure of an individual is limited to eight hours for 90 dBA, with exposure times being halved for each five dBA increase. With our in-ear ear protection, your employees can safely work their eight-hour shifts with minimal risk of hearing loss. Ensure that the hearing protection has a snug fit and is always worn correctly to ensure optimal hearing protection.

Face protection and eye protection

Face and eye protection are paramount when it comes to personal protective equipment. We have a selection of hard eye and face protection ideal for industries that expose employees to hazards such as flying debris, chemical splashes, or even potentially infectious materials. Face and eye protection can be used with other PPEs, such as disposable masks or half-face respirators.

Head Protection

Head protection comes standard in any construction site as there is always a hazard of falling objects in these locations. But wearing a hard hat in extreme temperatures can be very cumbersome and sometimes painful. This is why we have winter liners and sweatbands that can be easily placed on and removed from the straps of your hard hat. These pieces of personal protective equipment would help reduce the chaffing of the straps onto your head while at the same time absorbing any sweat that may accumulate during work.

Visit us today at KC Supply Co for all of your personal protection needs. Whether it’s for your corporate or individual use, we are happy to provide the appropriate personal protective equipment for you.