Urethane Liners - KC Supply Co.Not all polyurethane, or “urethane,” liners are created the same or possess the same properties or quality. But how urethane is manufactured and fabricated determines how effective it is in a specific application.

Industries that can benefit from the use of urethane liners include the grain, sand and gravel, crushed stone, coal, gold, silver, copper, salt, and many others involved in the handling or conveying of bulk materials.

Industry applications for urethane liners include:

  • Grain: Areas of the bucket elevator including head section, distributors, transitions, elbows, spouts and chutes and screw conveyors; to protect grain, feed and other materials from breakage
  • Mining: Spouts and chutes, elbows, bins and hoppers, belt scrapers, noise and vibration dampening, feed boxes, classifier shoes, perforated particle sizing screens and skirt boards
  • Concrete: Lining of central batch mixers and blades
  • Foundry Castings: Lining of vibratory trough for deburring of parts; sandblast and shotblast curtains

Urethane is an elastomeric material with outstanding properties and wear characteristics that offers superior cut and abrasion resistance. It possesses the ability to “self-heal,” and can be formulated to have specific properties (i.e. co-efficient of friction, resiliency and compression set can be formulated high or low). Other benefits include its excellent resistance to ozone and aging, it’s resistance to many oils and solvents, and its outstanding low-temperature properties. It increases the lifespan of equipment and solves wear problems. Urethane can be molded and bonded to a variety of substrates, and it is lightweight, making it flexible and ideal for many applications.

When it comes to urethane liners, as with many products, you get what you pay for. For example, not all of them meet FDA standards for dry food handling and cushion grain, feed and other materials from breakage. So be selective when choosing a type and brand of liner so you don’t sacrifice quality, durability or service. You want a reliable, high-quality urethane liner because it will prove to be most cost-efficient for your business in the long run.

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