With the fall harvest in full swing, it’s good to remind supervisors and workers alike of vital safety tips. As thousands of lives are working on and depending upon the harvest, safety needs to be of utmost priority.

Everything from matters about the workers and the tools that they use, many safety issues need to be addressed.

  1. Always turn off the machines

After a long hard day in the fields at harvest, it’s no surprise that everyone is in a hurry to get home. But no matter what, it’s imperative to ensure that all machines are off before the last person leaves. A thorough equipment check should be made, removing clogs, and shutting off power, especially to heavy-duty machines.

  1. Reinforce the troops

The battalion of workers at the fall harvest still needs frequent rest and reminders to take regular meals. Sometimes, the work becomes so intensive that they might overlook eating altogether. Over-exhaustion and exposure outside in the elements, all while doing labor-intensive work, can have severe health consequences. It’s also vital that more people are brought in for the harvest, so all the work is distributed evenly. This is done by bringing in extra workers who can assist them in the tasks.

  1. Train and re-train the workers

Even if the workers had done this for a few seasons now, they still need to be re-trained to make sure everyone knows what to do during the harvest. New workers will also need adequate training. A qualified supervisor should show everyone the operating procedures as well as a run-through of the farm’s safety protocols.

  1. Rollover protection structures save lives

The right structures designed to prevent rollovers, particularly in farms that still use older equipment, are essential. During the fall harvest, any additional safety structures that need to be set up around the farm must be installed before any work gets done. Tractors with rollover protection can help save the lives of workers in and around the tractor at the time.

Harvest is, as the name suggests, a time of plenty for all. As long as the proper safety procedures and protocols are followed, it will also be a safe and fruitful time for everyone involved.