Many businesses recognize that their greatest asset is their workers. For this reason, creating a safe environment for employees is essential, even though safety signs. The COVID-19 pandemic has made staying safe in the workplace even more challenging.

 Employers should have a communications plan in place to keep all employees informed about changes and updates to work processes due to the pandemic. This may involve holding meeting and training sessions. To further strengthen their message, employers should consider putting up signage throughout the workplace.

 With signage, businesses can:

 Remind Employees to Wear PPE


If you have a “no mask, no entry” policy, a sign at the door will help make sure your workers know about it before they try to enter. In addition, if the nature of your business requires your workers to wear other types of personal protective equipment (PPE), safety signs can remind employees of this policy while providing information on how to wear it properly.

 Reinforce Proper Hand-Washing Hygiene


Frequent hand-washing is an important preventative measure against the coronavirus. Signs in bathrooms and break rooms will remind employees to continue practicing good hand hygiene.

 Help Employees Navigate Business Premises


Businesses may need to make changes in how employees enter, exit, and navigate their spaces to avoid crowding. Directional signage, safety signs, and floor decals help make sure your employees know how to get around your store or office while maintaining social distancing.


  • Remind Employees Not to Enter if They’re Feeling Sick


Employers can utilize signs to remind employees to watch for COVID-19 symptoms and to not enter the premises if they suspect they’re infected. Employers can include a phone number employees can call for instructions in case they are unwell.  

 Signage is a tool that businesses can utilize to help communicate important health and safety information to employees during the pandemic. Have you put up COVID-19-related signage in your workplace? Contact KC Supply Co in case you need more safety materials in place.