Environments that expose workers to potentially dangerous gases and explosive atmospheres require gas detection devices to ensure the workers’ safety. However, a lot of workers are very complacent about the maintenance of these monitors, thinking that their experience is going to keep them safe.

But relying on experience alone can have its drawbacks. For instance, many hazardous gases do not emit unique smells. Also, in some cases, by the time that workers smell gas, it is probably too late to contain the leak. 

It is advised that organizations practice proper protocol when it comes to the upkeep of these detection monitors. Here are some tips to ensure that they are working as they should: 

Set regular service intervals

As with other safety materials, gas detection devices come with the manufacturer’s recommendation of when they should be serviced. The monitors should also be calibrated frequently as a wrong reading could make the difference between a safe and hazardous environment. These devices can suffer from calibration drift, particularly when they are exposed to phosphates, and they are used in extreme environments that can compromise the integrity of the device. 

Keep them clean 

Every equipment should be checked daily for cleanliness, signs of damage, and power supply. If the monitors are dusty or continually exposed to dirt, then they could deteriorate, and this would affect their efficacy. Do not use alcohol-based or solvent-based cleaners as they can contaminate your instruments. 

Bump testing 

Workers should conduct bump testing on gas detection devices daily before they enter the environment. Bump testing exposes the device to a certified challenge gas so workers can see if the instrument is functioning as it should. Bump testing, together with regular calibration, ensure that employees are working at optimum environments. 

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