Cobra Safety Glasses

KC Supply has a wide variety of personal protective equipment available to keep workers safe. Protective clothing, helmets, goggles, and other garments and equipment protect workers from potential injury or infection. Create a safe work environment and avoid risks from potential physical, electrical, heat, chemical, airborne particulate matter and biohazard injuries.

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Full Description Cobra is eye protection perfect for defending against workplace dangers while providing a sleek design. This eyewear has a rubberized coating against a nylon frame. Comfortable due to the soft, flexible earpieces and nosepiece will prevent the pinching or slipping most commonly found in other brands. Call KC Supply for Cobra Safety Glasses (1-800-527-8775) or click the Products Details Tab to download our PDF for more information!
Part Number Cobra Safety Glasses
Optional Description Cobra is an easy decision for balancing both comfort and safety while providing a sleek design.


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