Grain sampling is a must during the fall harvest. Since the results will form the basis of marketing and inventory decisions and grain grading, it’s crucial that sampling is both adequate and accurate.  

However, grain sampling can be very tiring and tedious work, whether done by hand or pneumatic probes. The Port-a-Probe offers a convenient way to sample grain at varying depths quickly. It does so more accurately than doing it by hand and less costly than using conventional sampling equipment.

The Port-a-Probe allows users to take samples of grain stored in silos, flat storage structures, and grain piles. Using this equipment can help farm owners and operators efficiently conduct grain sampling during the fall harvest, identify moisture or other grain storage problems, and minimize storage losses.

Features and Benefits

The Port-a-Probe comes in two main models: the 9HES Power Vac and the 5.5H Power Vac.

The 9HES has a 9 HP (270cc) Honda gas engine with an electric key start. It’s gas-powered, making the Port-a-Probe suitable for remote locations where electricity is not readily available. The 9HES is capable of sampling grain in bins more than 120 feet high.

The 5.5H Power Vac is smaller and lighter than the 9HES. Its recoil start engine has a tachometer and an hour meter, and it is strong enough to facilitate sampling in grain bins and storage sheds with a height of up to 60 feet.

During the busy fall harvest, you won’t have to waste time and energy carrying sampling equipment into your bins, silos, and sheds. The base can be placed on the ground next to the storage facility. All that’s needed to be on the surface of the grain are the hose and probe.

Other features of the 9HES Power Vac and 5.5H Power Vac are a positive displacement vacuum pump, heavy-duty aluminum machine-threaded probe sections, and a cyclone receiver that can be moved to and from the emptying position. The receiver means you don’t have to carry samples down from grain storage facilities or carry them around.

Final thoughts

Taking representative samples of your grain throughout the year, not just during the fall harvest, is essential. It alerts you to potential problems such as pests, mold, and moisture caused by fluctuating temperatures. The Port-a-Probe is a reliable, easy-to-use tool that provides users with the information they need to ensure proper grain management.

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