New Products from KC Supply: Mechanical Tank Truck Products

KC Supply Co’s latest line of equipment is the new Civacon transportation products. The New Year comes with some of the latest mechanical tank truck parts and products that are a must-have for safety during the handling and transporting hazardous liquids or dry-bulk commodities.

This selection of heavy-duty manholes that offer unparalleled operational and safety benefits can be fitted for just about any model of the petroleum tank truck. They come in plated steel.

Various vapor vents in different types and models are available, offering both standard and high flow rate designs. Even trucks that need a unique Crude Oil Vapor Vent can find what they need here.

Among the new Civacon transportation products are vapor recovery vents, adaptors, and accessories. This allows trucks to maintain optimal control over vapors during the cargo tank loading procedures.

These all-important parts can minimize the risk during underride collisions from emergency valves and shear valves to foot valves. Civacon has engineered these valves to ensure that any collision results in a clean breakaway for safety.

These dust caps are the safest, most secure, and most reliable when loading and unloading cargo tanks. They’ve been specially engineered to address international safety standards. The couplers are also designed for one-hand operation to make things easier for operators.

The new Civacon transportation products lines also include air control systems. Both safe and straightforward operate; these critical components ensure the safest operation possible for an entire cargo tank’s air system during loading and unloading.

These are just some of the brand new Civacon products that have been made available at KC Supply Co. All of them have been designed with state-of-the-art technology and careful engineering that meet international safety standards. These parts make sure that operators and systems that involve the critical handling of substances remain the safest and most secure operation possible.

The safety and efficiency of operators and personnel are paramount to any process. Learn more about safety equipment for heavy industries at KC Supply Co.