KC Supply Co has new Civacon items this year. Electrical tank truck products and rail products are now part of the many parts and features available. All these systems and accessories have been specially designed with the highest quality engineering to ensure safety and efficiency for virtually all models of electrical tank trucks.

Some of the new products include:

For increased efficiency and unparalleled overfill detection, the new on-tank overfill systems have been designed to ensure that not only are they easy to install, but they’ll be straightforward to operate as well. They have advanced “plug-n-load” systems and meet quality and safety standards according to industry regulations.

Like many Civacon products, electrical tank truck products and onboard monitors come with many variations to ensure that they can fit just about any electrical tank truck system. Both ROMlink onboard monitors and ROM II onboard monitors are part of the new line, offering many years of reliable performance and best-in-class safeguarding to prevent accidental overfills.

Apart from these products, Civacon has worked with Knappco to produce state of the art rail products for various railcar loading and unloading needs. These include:

The railcar manhole covers can handle full opening pressures of up to 30 PSI and can be used for salt, cement, dry food, and even crude oils.

Like the range found in Civacon electrical tank truck products, there are many railcar valves also available. The 3” aluminum swing check valves, butterfly valves, and even relief valves are part of the new line of equipment that prevents clogging, withstand high pressures, and can handle the most rugged of conditions as well as numerous types of material or liquid.

Noteworthy among the Civacon products (electrical tank truck products and rail car products) is the careful attention to the highest safety standards. Civacon’s line ensures that the personnel, vehicles, and operation remains safe and secure, no matter what gets transported.

KC Supply Co believes in using parts and systems that guarantee any industrial operation’s safety and efficiency. Visit KC Supply Co to find more selections of safety parts and equipment.