Emergency planning and preparing for untoward incidences is part of workplace safety. For many companies, especially industrial ones, having the right plan and preparedness for accidents or emergencies could mean life or death. To protect both employers and employees alike, companies must carefully draft plans and procedures for such incidents.

Critical Emergency Planning Reminders

1. Brainstorm for scenarios. What could potentially go wrong in the workplace? What are situations that could result in a worst-case scenario? Brainstorming these ideas and conditions can help your company plan what to do or what equipment to prepare in anticipation of them. These could include: 

  • Natural disasters 
  • Fire 
  • Toxic chemicals or gases
  • Civil disturbance
  • Explosions 
  • Bodily harm

2. Create an emergency action plan. OSHA recommends that workplaces create an emergency action plan or EAP to prepare for these emergencies. At the minimum, there must be a reporting procedure, an alarm system, and evacuation policies and procedures involved. As a part of emergency planning, every employee the plan covers needs to be briefed on these procedures.

3. Install and purchase emergency equipment. Equipment such as fire extinguishers, oxygen tanks and masks, first aid kits, and other related needs concerning any expected scenarios must remain stocked in the building. Employees or staff with responsibilities in the EAP need to access these items when needed readily.

4. Train employees in medical emergency procedures. Instill basic first aid knowledge in your employees. You also want to identify which employees know CPR or have training for seizures if necessary.

5. Protect business assets. Emergency planning may include procedures on how to shut down or lock down the systems and machines. It prevents further damage from spreading and protects business assets throughout the company in these situations.

KC Supply emphasizes that emergency planning is more than just a necessary chore for any industrial company. It may make a world of difference against potentially millions of dollars in damages. And it could mean the difference between life and death.

KC Supply encourages industrial companies to equip proper safety and emergency equipment to avoid and address workplace accidents. Visit KC Supply to learn more.