When fighting the dangers of combustible dust, OSHA Housekeeping Requirements have to be at the forefront of every industrial property owner’s mind. They’re there for a reason: the requirements aim to reduce significantly the risks of combustible dust igniting the property, causing severe structural damage, and potentially injuring personnel.

Creating a Combustible Dust Housekeeping Program

The primary responsibility of the employers and property owners is to determine a housekeeping program for their whole company. There must be clear boundaries on the areas, rooms, and facilities where combustible dust is produced and locations where the dust might accumulate. The housekeeping program’s goal is to eliminate the dangers of combustible dust.

Furthermore, according to OSHA Housekeeping Requirements, the programs that employers create must include how to reduce the dust accumulations on areas where they are wont to, such as floors, equipment, and many of the exposed surfaces.

The Components

A good housekeeping program should have written instructions, a clearly outlined frequency of inspections and cleaning, and the cleaning methods. It also includes dealing with spills and leaks and details of the equipment used to control the dust.

The program must identify the areas where housekeeping was of utmost priority. These involve grain elevators and the other regions with potential ignition.

The methods for removing grain spills (which cause clouds of combustible dust) must also get discussed.

It’s critical for the program to clean and inspect the aforementioned priority areas, with OSHA Housekeeping Requirements explicitly saying that companies must do these cleaning sessions daily.

Finally, the company must generate reports about any spills and leaks and resolve any issues that arise. The problems or incidents must get resolved before operations can resume.

By following these guidelines in creating a good housekeeping program that protects property and personnel from combustible dust risks, operations can continue smoothly and with as little risk as possible.

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