Before making a PPE selection among the different variants in the market, certain conditions and situations about the nature of your work and your employees’ work need to be considered. This is critical to ensure that you can select the correct variation of PPE that will give you and your employees the ideal protection.

  • Sizing: Excellent fit matters when using PPE. Consider the side range available to you and how well they’ll fit the employees who need to wear them. A complete protective seal is crucial.
  • Kit Weight: Some PPEs are made of different materials from others used for specialized applications. However, that could also make them heavier. Before making a PPE selection, consider the weight of the whole suit put together and think about whether your workers will be able to move and do their work for long periods while wearing the PPE.
  • Workplace Hazards: What kind of dangers do you expect to find in the working area? As mentioned, different PPE have different functions. Select a kit that will give you plenty of flexibility if you expect general workplace protection. Meanwhile, if you expect your workers to work in areas with hazardous gases, choose PPE that works best against that specific hazard.
  • Reputable Distributor: Many PPE types are available now, but remember that you need to check if you’re getting the real deal and not a cheap knockoff before making your PPE selection. In the case of workplace safety and protecting your employees from hazards, you do get what you pay for. Choose PPE that is made by authentic brands and distributed by reputable resellers or shops.

Making a PPE selection is more than just choosing a protective suit. Remember that your workers’ lives are at risk, and that is what the PPE should defend them against. Find quality PPE selections and more by visiting KC Supply.