During the harvest season, dump pit safety comes to the forefront of concerns for people in the agriculture sector. As work will increase substantially, so does the risk around the different equipment and tools used for the harvest. Workers need to be especially vigilant around the dump pit, as accidents are more likely to happen.

  • Never walk in front of the vehicle — Even if the vehicle does not appear to be in gear, if it is moving or stationary, never walk in front of it just in case.
  • The driver must know where you are at all times — If you’re working around the vehicle, makes sure that the driver is aware of your presence. Dump pit safety rules require drivers and workers to be aware of each other’s presence and location.
  • Use safety zones when working around vehicles — Ensure that all the workers and drivers know where the designated “safety zone” is around the dump pit. This should be the only area where employees can stand close to the large vehicle or perform a task around it.
  • If there are any issues with the dumping mechanism, make sure the operator is aware — Inform the driver of the vehicle or the workers around it and stand aside while trying to determine the best way to resume flow.
  • Absolutely no smoking around the dump pit — It’s critical for dump pit safety to prevent any smoking or the use of lighters and similar devices. If the dump pit is holding grain, it could be incredibly flammable and pose the risk of an explosion.
  • Do not begin hoisting until instructed, do not move the vehicle until the operator signals an OK — The dump pit is a massive vehicle, and it can pose a tremendous risk to the workers around it, especially if it’s carrying a substantial amount of grain. Operator and driver must be in good contact and signal to one another before any movement with the vehicle is made.

This harvest season, enforce the dump pit safety rules to prevent accidents and minimize the hazards to workers and equipment alike. Harvest can proceed smoothly and safely.

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