A hybrid butterfly valve may be common nowadays, but it wasn’t what was commonly used before.

Instead, truckers or people in heavy industries who work with industrial equipment are familiar with a basic butterfly valve. The purpose of a butterfly valve is to make a tight closure in an area where there isn’t much space.

It’s a rotary valve, and it works through a disk-shaped seating element, which then gets rotated by 90 degrees. This allows the valve to open or close the flow passage as needed. They’re often used in throttling services, especially where automatic actuators are needed. For a long time, butterfly valves have been the standard for use in this area.

The Game-Changer

Then came the hybrid butterfly valve. This version of the butterfly valve combines the standard durability found in a traditional seated butterfly valve. However, it can fit into even tighter spaces, as it’s sleeker, slimmer, and compact. It won’t be as bulky as the usual butterfly valves people have become accustomed to.

Durability and Strength

One of the reasons the traditional ones had been so popular is that they’re strong and durable for regular use. Butterfly valves often have strong sealing and make them ideal for controlling the pressure on different substances. It’s even suitable for use in high temperatures or low-pressure water service applications. But would a more compact, smaller, hybrid butterfly valve be able to do the same?

KC Supply explains that not only is the hybrid more compact, but it also remains stable. It can even handle usage with crude oil and refined fuel products. The valve is strong enough to handle several compatible liquids—even fertilizer! It works for both wet and dry applications, just like a standard wet/dry valve. Moreover, the hybrid valves these days can seamlessly replace other valves with no piping changes.

Streamlining the process and the business through a hybrid butterfly valve could be a significant game-changer in an industrial line’s efficiency and effectiveness. It’s certainly worth considering the upgrade.

KC Supply has decades of experience in managing equipment for heavy industries. Learn more about butterfly valves and hybrid valves at KCSupply.com.