Choosing the correct pressure relief valve for your machine’s needs is crucial—it’s not just a matter of machine compatibility. It’s also essential for on-the-job safety, especially in industrial settings. Not choosing a correct pressure release valve could lead the connection to leak, break, or worse, release high-pressure vapor or substances all over the workplace, endangering workers’ lives around it. It can cost thousands of dollars in damages as well.

Consider the following options to determine your machinery’s ideal pressure relief valve.


Valves come in different metals and materials. Depending on the type of machine and the substances meant to be handled by the system, a specific metal may work better than the others. Carbon steel is best if the substances passing through are at high temperatures. Stainless steel works better for corrosive compounds.


The pressure relief valve will also vary depending on the type of connection needed for the pipelines, hoses, or connectors. Remember: The valve must match both the discharge piping and the inlet in a perfect fit. This way, the connection remains airtight and secure, ensuring all personnel’s safety.


Pounds per square inch or PSIG is the measurement of the pressure relief valve’s set pressure once the valve is opened. The suitable valve should be one that does not exceed the maximum allowable working pressure. Otherwise, there is a potential for the valve to break, dislodge, or become a weak link in the system.

Back Pressure

This is the pressure on the outlet side of the valve. Depending on the force, this may need to be a pilot-operated valve, which means it must be manually opened and closed. Without the correct type of valve, the upstream pressure may cause it to pop open now and again. This can result in wear and the destruction of the valve.

Remember that choosing the correct valve may mean the difference between a smoothly-working industrial workplace and the risk of an industrial accident. Choose the proper valves for your equipment.

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