During harvest season, ways to protect workers start to gain traction among agricultural businesses. And few issues are as key to the season as grain bin safety. Grain handling is considered a significantly high hazard industry where six out of every ten workers who get trapped in a grain bin don’t make it out alive. It’s imperative for industries and businesses that handle grain products to be incredibly vigilant about worker safety.

Here are some critical reminders and tips for grain bin safety:

  • Alert everyone that workers will perform an activity in the grain bin. If it’s absolutely unavoidable to do work or a specific task while there is still grain in the bin, first alert everyone working on or around it about the activity.
  • Protect workers through a team system. No one should be working in the grain bin alone. A team of two or more, at the very least, is best. This way, there is always someone looking out for the worker inside and listening to their movements.
  • Test the air before entry. Before anyone goes into the bin or the silo, test the air for the presence of dangerous gas, combustible dust, and gases, and if there is enough oxygen in the silo for the worker to breathe comfortably.
  • Provide the whole team with safety equipment. The team in and around the grain silo needs to have standard safety equipment like lifelines, boatswain chairs, and other similar lifesaving gear. Even better, have a grain bin safety tube on standby ready to protect workers entering the silo if needed.
  • Check the positioning of the grain before entry. Has the grain accumulated onto one side of the silo or the bin? If so, do not enter that bin. There is a high risk of built-up grain falling in an avalanche on top of the worker, thus suffocating them.

These are just some of the critical safety reminders issued to protect workers working in and around the grain bin. Everyone must do their due diligence and ensure the safety of all workers during this season.

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