A tripod hoist’s utility and importance shouldn’t be underestimated, especially in a construction or industrial setting. This is precisely why KC Supply has chosen to spotlight this unique tool that many laypeople may not have even seen or heard of before.

What is a Tripod Hoist?

Tripod cranes, lifting hoists, and other similar hoists serve a particular purpose: they act as a stand and a means of lowering or elevate personnel who are going into confined spaces. There are three standard sizes of Lisbon Hoist in the market today. All of these hoists are renowned for their ease of use and lightweight system. They are excellent for use in bins or silos and manholes and other confined spaces that need personnel access.

  • Mast-Supported Workbasket – This particular workbasket is best used with the Lisbon Powered Quad Pod system. The basket itself can carry up to 600 pounds and can even function for underwater use. The swing gate design enables personnel to enter and exit quickly.
  • Manual Tripod Hoist – The manual tripod hoist is one of the most famous pieces of equipment used for industrial access to confined spaces. The Lisbon manual hoist is lightweight and portable but durable enough to carry 300 pounds of weight. It’s also incredibly flexible, with an adjustable height that makes it suitable for various uses and entry spaces.
  • Powered Tripod Hoist – Finally, the powered tripod hoist (and its fellow quadpod hoist) is state-of-the-art equipment for lowering personnel into silos, manholes, and other tight spaces. The system has a sophisticated air- or electric-powered spirit hoist, a frame, wire winder, and wire rope. It even comes with optional add-on attachments such as round baskets. With its strength and flexibility, it’s useful for a variety of industrial and refinery applications.

These hoists are the most highly effective and safe method of transporting and carrying personnel for enclosed-space access. With the proper handling and use, they ensure that work continues on the job site without a hitch.

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