For KC Supply Co, there’s never a wrong time to discuss fall protection. Sadly, it’s still something that has been commonly taken too lightly in many industrial and agricultural areas. 

Falls are a massive risk to the health and safety of the personnel working on-site and place a significant security risk to a company if prevention against falls isn’t adequately addressed. 

Here’s why it is important to minimize danger: 

Falls are among the leading cause of fatalities in the workplace.

Take it from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, who says that falls are included in the most common cause of fatal work-related injuries. 

Adding adequate fall protection cuts down the risks of injuries and deaths, keeping the workforce feeling safe and secure in their jobs. It motivates them to work harder and better.

Prevention is better than cure.

Even the best, most conscientious employee can make a mistake. And it only takes one accident to get significant workplace injuries and situations, causing plenty of medical bills and repairs, along with potential lawsuits and fines. Larger companies have trouble handling such situations, which means smaller enterprises are even less able to handle the damages.

Instead of setting aside funds for such instances, companies are advised to prevent them instead. Being prepared and installing the correct fall protection protocols and fixtures around the work area will ensure everyone’s safety. It will also help companies dodge huge penalties imposed by OSHA on companies that show evidence of their negligence in this regard.

When it comes to fall protection, companies should never skimp or cut corners. Above all else, the staff and personnel’s safety at the job site should be the most critical priority. With workers safe to do their jobs as quickly and as efficiently as possible, there’s fewer injuries, less danger, and more profit.

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