KC Supply is proud to introduce a new Edge Halt Safety Gate selection, one of the most updated safety solutions for industrial workplaces and settings. Often, ladders, fixed ladders, and raised platforms can be accident-prone areas; thus, guard rails and handrails are installed. For ease of access, safety gates are added.

But it’s especially crucial to implement a highly secure and durable safety gate in raised areas. A faulty, poorly-fitted, worn down, or unreliable safety gate may result in personnel falling from a great height, causing severe injuries or death.

Benefits of the Edge Halt Safety Gate


The gates come in various types and widths and are fully adjustable. There is an Edge Halt Safety Gate available for just about any need. Safety gates can be specified for ladders, mezzanines, personal access, and more.

Ease of Use

Despite being flexible for ladders and raised platforms with different options, you only need one size per type of gate. The gates can be adjusted to fit openings that range from 18 to 36 inches. This ensures that no matter how wide or narrow the rail opening is, you can adjust the gate to ensure that there are no gaps or spaces that may allow someone to slip through.

Ease of Installation

The Edge Halt Safety Gates are also efficient and easy to install. There’s no need to saw or cut the gate to form as the gate can be smoothly and quickly adjusted. Moreover, it comes in two mounting variations: a standard railing mount or a flat surface mount.


This is one of the best features of the Edge Halt Safety Gate. Its self-closing mechanism makes it easier to protect personnel from falls in elevated guardrail openings. It remains entirely in place and cannot be moved.

With the new Edge Halt Safety Gate, supervisors and management of industrial workplaces can rest a little easier, knowing that there is a well-fitting, secure gate to protect their personnel.

 Planning to install this gate in your factory or industrial plant? Visit KC Supply to learn about the varieties of safety gate and how they can be installed.