In a previous blog, we talked about gas monitors and the importance of choosing the right one for your company. After all, having the right monitor can keep your employees safe and also prevent leaks and explosions.

While we already have a large array of gas monitors, today we have expanded our portfolio to include the esteemed mPower gas monitors. mPower Electronics is renowned as one of the most professional suppliers of alarm systems and gas detectors in the world.

Here are our new products:

  1. POLI Multi-Gas Detectors. This product comes in variations of 4- or 5-gas monitoring systems. It is certified by UL, ATEX, and CE, and could be used in various applications such as industrial hygiene, toxic twins detection, chemical, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, and telecommunications.
  2. UNI 321 Maintenance-Free Single Gas Detectors. Those who are looking for disposable gas monitors may have found the perfect one in this product, as it can detect carbon monoxide, oxygen, and hydrogen sulfide. It comes in various options for operating life, spanning from 12 months to 36 months. Furthermore, this disposable gas detector is comfortable and drop-resistant. It is a convenient product for emergency response situations, as well as environmental, industrial hygiene, fire service, and oil and gas applications.
  3. UNI MP100 Single Gas Detectors. Aside from the typical sensors, it can also detect less common compounds such as methyl mercaptan, ozone, phosphine, and hydrogen chloride, among many others. These gas monitors come with a large LCD so that the readings would be highly visible, and it is also designed for quick alarm notification. This is also perfect for emergency responses, as well as various applications in the field.

Aside from mPower Gas Monitors, we also offer other brands that may be more suited for your needs. Head over to our website today to learn more.