Storage tank safety is of utmost importance to every industrial business, as these tanks often contain volatile or strong chemical compounds. By employing the proper safety methods and procedures, management can avoid accidents, potentially millions of dollars in damages, and unnecessary loss of production time.

Never overfill the tank

The simplest precaution is to avoid filling the storage tank beyond its designed capacity. Accidental overfilling or an obstruction in the flow at the exit vents are also grave mistakes. Remember that some of the most well-known industrial accidents occurred due to overfilling.

Ensure your tanks are installed by experts

Trained and licensed professionals ensure that your tanks are installed with all the pertinent storage tank safety regulations. They also know the quality work it takes to install a tank without errors or costly mistakes that could result in storage tank damage or, worse, the tank failing while it’s full.

Maintenance is crucial

Regardless of whether or not your tank is above ground or underground, you need to continue to perform regular maintenance checks and determine if the tank is still in working order. Look into the use and maintenance of the specific tank to understand how to care for it.

Always use protective equipment

When cleaning, maintaining, or checking the tanks, ensure that they are being performed by trained personnel who know what to do and how to do it while following storage tank safety protocols. They also must be fully equipped with personal protective equipment. If there is an issue with the storage tank, the risk of harm to them is as minimal as possible.

Monitor the pressure

An under-pressured tank is as bad as an over-pressured tank. The pressure within the tank walls can increase or decrease depending on the contents, their degradation with time, and the volume of matter in them. It’s crucial to continuously inspect and monitor the pressure levels to determine if they are still within a safe threshold or if the tank is at risk for rupture.

KC Supply Co emphasizes getting the help and advice of professionals. A specialist can help determine the best inspection intervals and the ideal processes for handling the tanks in every storage tank safety aspect.

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