Storage tanks are necessary for businesses in a wide range of industrials, from petroleum and chemical to agriculture and food. There are two types: the aboveground storage tank and the underground storage tank.  

 Both types have their pros and cons, but aboveground tanks have key advantages that make them better options. Here are four of them: 

They’re easier to inspect, maintain, and repair  

Keeping aboveground storage tanks in good shape is less difficult, time-consuming, and stressful than maintaining an underground tank. You don’t have to dig it up and climb down to gain access. Also, with underground tanks, leaks can go undetected for a long time. With aboveground tanks, you can quickly spot leaks and perform the repairs necessary.  

 Replacements are also much less time-intensive and costly because excavation does not need to be done. 

They last a long time    

How long an aboveground storage tank lasts depends on several factors, including the material it’s made of. Generally, aboveground tanks last longer than underground tanks because they’re not constantly exposed to moisture and other corrosive elements in the soil. Research shows that corrosion is the top cause of failure in underground storage tanks. 

They’re easy to relocate 

Some situations, such as new construction on your property, necessitate the relocation of storage tanks. To move an underground tank from one spot to another would entail applying for several permits and hiring a specialized crew to dig it out. Relocating an aboveground storage tank is much less stressful—you don’t have to worry about excavations or accidentally damaging the tank during removal.   

They’re cost-effective  

Aboveground storage tanks have lower installation costs than their below-ground counterparts. Because they require less labor, time, and specialized equipment to maintain, the long-term costs of ownership are lower.   

 If you decide to close down or move your business elsewhere, you may need to have your tank removed. The process is much more expensive than having an aboveground tank removed. Expenses can go even higher if, during an inspection, it’s determined that it has leaked.  

 Make an informed choice 

When deciding whether an above ground storage tank is the best option for your business, it helps to get input from an expert. Reach out to KC Supply Co today for more information on underground and aboveground storage tank solutions.