Protecting equipment, especially industrial machinery, during cold weather isn’t just part of good maintenance—it’s part of ensuring that the entire workplace adheres to strict safety protocols. Processes must always be put in place to handle a variety of cold weather scenarios.

For example, drainage systems or those that handle the flow of water must be protected against the cold, or there is a chance they could burst mid-winter. This could cost a company up to millions of dollars in damage.

Here are ways to protect equipment from the risks of cold weather:

  • Insulate and protect your piping first. The pipes will be among those most at risk for weather changes, and often they are part of the most crucial systems, including maintaining heat through the cold weather. Ensure that freeze protection valves are in place, pipes are insulated, and heat tracing systems are enabled.
  • Inspect and protect all vehicles. If your company has a fleet of vehicles that will continue working during the cold weather, it’s also essential to protect them. Do a vehicle inspection and maintain the undercarriage, clearing any mud, snow, or debris. When you protect equipment, you must ensure everything is in working order, from its fluids down to the tires.
  • Install and maintain space heaters. At no point should the temperatures within your facility go below safe levels. Install enough space heaters to heat large areas and verify they are all in working order. If these heaters run on gas, make sure you also have sufficient fuel for them to run.
  • Inspect your tools. It’s not just big machinery that needs protection. Compressors, pneumatic tools, power tools, and other similar items also need protection. Equipment like these must be correctly lubricated with tool oil and kept in areas away from the cold. Remember that if your power tools run on batteries, you could compromise battery performance when left out in the cold.

By ensuring that all kinds of equipment in your work area are adequately protected against the cold, you can expect safe and smooth performance and productivity even during the winter.

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