To this day, grain engulfment and grain entrapment remain among the most significant dangers for workers on an industrial or farm area. Grain entrapment has become such a problem that dozens of farms and industrial workers die or are severely injured every year through improper handling or labor through grain silos and grain bins. 

Government entities as well as safety and law enforcement personnel do their best yearly to remind companies and organizations about grain bin safety and provide refresher courses on how to proceed safely when working in or around the grain bins. Here are some of these reminders:

Who are the most at-risk or susceptible to grain engulfment or entrapment?

Approximately 75% of all documented victims of entrapment or engulfment are farm workers, employees, and family members. It’s crucial to remember that anyone working or even near the grain bins are putting themselves at risk for entrapment regardless of whether or not they are wearing PPEs and safety equipment.

What type of grain can cause entrapment?

Some people may assume that it’s only the most dangerous at finer grains or milled products which have smaller particles and therefore can act more like quicksand. On the contrary—grain engulfment and entrapment can happen with anything that is filling the silo. A wide variety of grains have been documented to cause entrapment: flax, canola, soybeans, corn, and more. However, it is worth noting that corn is especially dangerous at 50% of all documented cases.

When is it most dangerous in the silo?

When the grain is flowing, so is danger. Perhaps a worker is inside trying to clear blockages or pipes; perhaps the grain is flowing into the silo. Moving grain is immediately one of the most dangerous instances when working around the silo. Even unloading grain is hazardous. Remember to never let anyone work inside the grain bin when grain is actively flowing.

The best way to prevent disaster is through prevention. Create a strict grain bin safety plan that is drilled into everyone working around the grain bin. Prepare safety equipment such as grain bin safety tubes. And most importantly, have everyone be aware of exactly what to do if and when disaster strikes.

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