Maxi-Lift conveying and elevating buckets

Fall is coming closer with each passing day, as summer days draw long, and farmers have begun to prepare for harvest safety. The process of gathering produce in time for the fall harvest in full swing requires the full cooperation of all the employees and farm workers. There is a risk for trouble arising unexpectedly, no matter how excellent the preparations may be, so farmers are being issued reminders by numerous organizations to keep any untoward incidents at bay.

Here are some safety tips for a successful harvest:

  • Thoroughly inspect farm equipment. Regular upkeep and maintenance must be performed on all the equipment that will be put to use during the fall harvest season. Even then, workers must carefully inspect every harvest equipment. Safety is important during all procedures, and equipment malfunction can lead to accidents towards one or more farmhands.
  • Stay hydrated. The heat remains as the days grow long. Record-high temperatures are being recorded throughout the country, with no signs of change even as the fall season approaches. Staying hydrated will keep farmhands and employees focused in spite of the blistering heat, keeping them alert and on the lookout as the harvest process goes on.
  • Have a plan for grain bin safety. Grain bins need to be one of the biggest concerns during harvest. Safety procedures around grain bins need to be put into place, and it’s important to check if the farm or the local fire department are making use of grain rescue tubes, such as the ones provided by KC Supply, which cuts down rescue times during incidents of employees and personnel getting trapped in grain silos and towers.
  • Provide proper training for all workers. Workers, both young and old, need to be adequately prepared for all contingencies. Young workers need to be carefully assessed if they are both physically and mentally capable of the work. Reteach proper harvest safety for veteran workers. Ensure everyone knows proper lifting practices and road safety during the harvest period.

These are just some of the important reminders for farms when it comes to the fall harvest season. Safety must remain the number one priority for everyone during this important time for farms everywhere. Discover more important safety tips as well as more information on the need for grain safety tubes by visiting KC Supply.