Even conveyor belts are affected by low temperatures in winter. Temperatures that go below 20 degrees Fahrenheit can cause belts to harden. And when belts are set, they could wear down and cause backsliding. Moreover, depending on the material of the belt, they could become brittle, putting a risk to your processes. It’s precarious for belts that have become highly worn with age, weathered with use, or even belts positioned at odd angles, making some areas more stretched.

Here are ways to winter-proof your conveyor belts and keep them running smoothly throughout the winter.

Keep it warm.
Keeping the belts warm inside a heavy plant full of conveyor belts is easier. With adequate space heating or warming inside an enclosed space, belts can retain the proper temperature for optimal performance. However, belts dealing with outdoor environments may need alternative solutions, such as blowing warm air or installing electric heating on the belts.

Use anti-icing agents.
Consider if you can use anti-icing products or antifreeze products on your conveyor belts. Of course, this will depend on the type of material coming into contact with the belt itself. If you conclude that there is no risk to your product or material on the belt through these agents, you’re well advised to use them to prevent machinery from getting stuck in the cold.

Change the load.
Consider changing what is on the belts entirely. If you typically use the conveyor belt for wet materials or matter that easily clogs up, consider shifting the belts for use on different products and materials instead. Make it easier for your belts to do the work, and resume their usage on other materials once the temperatures aren’t so cold.

Defend against wear and tear.
Some special additives and agents can also be applied on rubber conveyor belts to withstand the elements and abrasive wear. This ensures that even if the low temperatures cause some hardening, the wear and abrasion on the belts won’t become so significant that it exacerbates the winter damage.

Since the belts keep products and materials moving, ensure to protect them in the best way possible this winter. It’s the lifeline that keeps production going.

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