When you work with a grain bin, one of the things you need to be careful of is grain entrapment. Did you know that you could be up to your waist in grain in as quickly as 10 seconds? And did you know that you could be completely entrapped in grain in as little as 25 seconds?

Entrapment scenario

Experts have noted these two scenarios that could lead to grain burying people in a bin:

  • When grain is pulled out from the bottom of a bin, the grain shifts and forms a funnel that can trap a person.
  • When grain forms a crust, it could create an air pocket. Grain entrapment could happen if a person breaks the crust and falls into the hole. The rest of the grain could shift to fill the uncovered space.

Statistics show that one to three people in Nebraska die each year due to grain entrapment. Many more people in other areas like Kansas City are at risk of this deadly situation. So how do you prevent such a situation from happening? Here are some ways you can do so.

Store grain properly

Proper management of stored grain is the best preventative measure. This makes sure that the grain you keep does not form a crust or go out of condition. This reduces the risk of grain entrapment. You will not have any reason to enter the bin to move things around.

Use tools

If the grain does form a crust, use tools to break it instead of letting a person enter the bin. A long rod is a good tool to prod and break the crust from outside the container. You can also use a grain vacuum.

Practice safety precautions

If you need to enter the bin, make sure that the worker has a safety harness for security and emergency measures.

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