Bin-level Monitors at KC Supply Co.

When it comes to your bins, it’s critical to know whether they are empty, full or somewhere in between.

If you don’t have the resources required to install electrical wiring to your storage bins, KC Supply Co. offers two bin-level monitor options for you: The LevAvert and the Binzful.

The LevAlert is a simple, mechanical lever-operated bin-level indicator, while the Binzful is a slightly more robust indicator that also works with your handheld two-way radios. In a glance, the LevALERT black and yellow Indicator shows you the level of material in your bin while you remain safely on the ground. Whether you fill your bins once a year or several times a day, LevALERT saves you time, labor and money.


LevALERT benefits include:

  • Safety:  see the level of material in your bin while you remain safe on the ground
  • Easy Installation:  fully assembled and ready to install from outside your bin
  • High visibility:  can be easily seen from 200 feet, day or night
  • No electricity required:  completely mechanical
  • Adaptability:  easily accessorized with an optional electrical sensor to activate horns, lights, motors, etc.
  • Increased safety:  virtually eliminates the need to climb bins
  • Saves money:  greatly improves your operation by saving you time, wear and tear on equipment, and your body. You only need a second to check how full or how empty your bin is.

Binzful is available in a single- or multiple-bin monitor version. The benefits of these portable, wireless bin-level monitors include:

  • Easy set up and use
  • Prevents bin overfilling
  • Completely portable
  • No expensive wiring to install
  • Customizable wording and frequency of alarms
  • Rechargeable battery lasts up to 6 months  battery

Binzful monitors work with your existing two-way handheld radios. Simply lower the cable and switch to the desired depth (supplied with 30-foot cable). Verbal warnings are sent directly to your radio – when the monitor is turned on, a “bin is monitored” message is sent to your radio, and the “monitor is on” message can be repeated every hour to let you know it’s working. When the tilt switch is activated by the grain pile, a warning message is repeated until the condition is corrected.

Both LevALERT and Binzful bin-level monitors boost productivity, as they allow you and your employees to work instead of babysit your bins, saving time, labor and money.

KC Supply Co. is your trusted source for bin-level monitors. Call us today at 800.KC Supply today and ask our experts which bin-level monitor option will work best for your business.