Your workers who normally use conveyors—such as workers and other employees—know how to act around these powerful machines. However, the safety of those who are unfamiliar with them may be compromised. These people are your sales personnel, inspectors, drivers, and customers. For this reason, conveyor safety for plant visitors cannot be understated. You must always instill a culture of safety within your facility.

Here is how you can do so:

  • Safety Briefing

You must assess if guests are wearing appropriate clothing before they are allowed into the facility. Anyone with loose clothes or accessories that may be caught in the conveyor must be instructed to change or fix their clothes. Safety gear such as helmets or vests must also be handed to them before they are allowed into the operations area.

Then, conduct a briefing for conveyor safety for plant visitors. Inform them of what the conveyor belt does, and the hazards of being too near the equipment. Once they understand the potential hazards and are mindful of their safety, allow them to enter your operations area. Those who have no business approaching your equipment must stay in the safe buffer zone.

  • Enforcement

You must always escort your visitors inside your facility. Doing so would ensure that they have someone to ask should they have questions and they would be guided to act with safety in mind.

Also, train your employees to be more mindful of their jobs when you have visitors over. They should keep an eye out on visitors should they appear to be too near the conveyor, and to call out the attention of anyone who is disregarding conveyor safety for plant visitors. They should also be authorized to interrupt a tour if they think safety is being compromised.

At the end of the day, the safety of your visitors would rely on how well you prepared both the guests and your employees. Make sure that you do a good job to avoid any mishaps with your conveyor belt and other equipment.