Today, as the buildings being made are reaching record heights, it is essential for the construction company to provide its workers with the appropriate safety harness. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, workers need fall protection measures for four feet and above elevations. For example, it is required at four feet in general industry, five feet in shipyards, and six feet in the construction sector. Though this may all seem like basic information, choosing the right harness for your specific needs can become challenging, considering the different types that are available.

Types of safety harnesses

Having the right harness for your specific needs could mean your worker would be walking home from an accident or on a gurney. Here are a few examples of harnesses that may be suitable for your work:

  • Positioning harnesses

These would allow the user the most freedom of movement. It is designed so that the worker can assume a sitting back position while having their hands free to do other tasks. These may come with positioning devices that allow the user to work from a fixed position.

  • Retrieval harnesses

A retrieval harness makes it easier to rescue a worker more efficiently as it can distribute the lifting forces evenly. This is the type of harness used in confined spaces. In these places, the working space may be raised or lowered.

  • Suspension harnesses

This harness comes with a seat to support the worker built in it, which allows for hands-free work. This particular type of harness is common for window washers and tower washers. This system allows for freedom of movement in an otherwise perilous work environment.

Employers must be well informed about the different types of safety harnesses available in the market to ensure the safety and health of their workers. It is their duty to provide a safe work environment that would foster productivity and safety. 

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