A bucket elevator, also known as a grain leg, is important to your farming needs. It is oftentimes used to vertically haul flowable bulk materials such as fertilizer or grain. While it can carry heavy loads that range from fine to large lumps, and from light to heavy materials, it goes without saying that a faulty grain leg can disrupt your processes and set you back.

For this reason, you should ensure that your grain leg is maintained properly so it can function at optimum levels. Here are a couple of things you can do to ensure that your bucket elevator works when you need it to:

  • Follow the manufacturer’s preventive maintenance schedule and activities

Some would contest that preventive maintenance is unnecessary only to find themselves losing significant manhours due to a faulty grain leg. Bucket elevators tend to be used extensively and without break in most facilities, so it’s no wonder that it often breaks down if it is not properly maintained. If you religiously maintain your equipment, then you will be able to see if certain parts and components are already ripe for replacement before they break.

  • Maintain regular equipment inspections

Does your bucket elevator jam frequently? You should routinely inspect your equipment to ensure that there are no blockages or foreign bodies within the housing of your grain leg. You should also check that there are no moving products that can damage your equipment, and that there are no loose, missing, or broken fasteners.

Aside from guaranteeing that your equipment won’t jam, regular inspections would also give you peace of mind that there is no material accumulation in the infeed area or elevator sections. Your grain leg would therefore be in the best shape that it needs to be so you can focus on your business rather than on fixing equipment.

You should take care of your bucket elevator and your other equipment as they are the ones that are going to make you successful. If you’re ready to know more about agricultural equipment, look no further than KC Supply Co. We have everything you need when it comes to conveying and elevating equipment, as well as safety supplies. Call us today at 800KCSUPPLY to know more.