Organizations such as the CDC and OSHA recommend that businesses install acrylic dividers to reduce the transmission of COVID-19. To meet the demand for a protective shield for COVID-19, PS Industries has created the ArmorBoss product line. It includes the Floor Stand Shield, the Countertop Shield, and the Counter Stand shield.

 ArmorBoss Models and Features

ArmorBoss is made of thick and durable acrylic compared to other commercially available dividers made of flimsy materials. It’s clear, so you can easily see the person you’re talking to.

The Floor Stand Shield is designed for in-person interaction between two standing individuals. It can be raised to 78.5 inches, and its mobile design makes it easy to move from place to place. These features make the Floor Stand Shield ideal for security staff, assembly line workers, and others who stand while working. 

The Countertop model works well as a shield for COVID-19 in places like reception areas and checkout counters. It has a large window at the bottom, allowing employees or customers to pass through items without making physical contact.

The Counter Stand Shield is a taller version of the Countertop Shield. You can either fix it in place with screws or mount it onto a weighted base. The latter allows the shield to be placed in different locations while keeping it stable.

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Assembly and Maintenance

Putting together an ArmorBoss shield is easy and only takes a few minutes. No special tools are required. They’re also a breeze to keep clean—all that’s needed is a non-ammonia cleaner and a microfiber cloth.

Final Thoughts

Businesses looking for a shield for COVID-19 protection need look no further. ArmorBoss shields act as physical barriers against coughs and sneezes that can transmit viruses. They help ensure safe, face-to-face conversations, whether standing or seated, in a wide variety of settings, from reception areas to office break rooms. While there are other dividers on the market, ArmorBoss shields stand out for their versatility, durability, and ease of use

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