KC Supply is well-versed in the fact that workplace accidents happen, often without warning. As people say, even the best-laid plans have their problems. There are so many health and safety guidelines imposed upon workplaces, particularly in heavy industries, to protect the well-being and safety of the personnel working within it. But what happens when the personnel themselves makes the problem?

How do you define human error? 

Human error is defined simply as issues or mishaps caused by a human and not a machine. If a human being was responsible for the mistake, it could immediately be classified as a human error, but it’s rarely that simple. Simply chalking up workplace accidents as the “fault” of a person can prevent constructive action from making sure that this sort of thing doesn’t happen again. People seem to believe that it’s a “free pass” for management by simply blaming human error. Not so: it’s essential also to seek out underlying causes. Human error should be seen as the consequence of a failure within a system itself.

What are the Common Causes for Human Error?

Preventing human error means taking a look at the common reasons it occurs. Prevention is better than a cure.

  • Memory lapses
  • Inattention/distraction
  • Inadequate skill level
  • Impaired judgment
  • A false sense of security

The Fix

So how do companies avoid workplace accidents, especially the ones caused by human error? Experts recommend ensuring that personnel is well-trained and well-informed. It’s vital to make sure that everyone working in the industrial space is aware of the safety protocols, follow them to the letter, and fully understand the consequences of what happens otherwise. Supervisors also need to be more vigilant, monitor and control areas more comprehensively, and retrain when necessary. They can even recommend skill development training to ensure that everyone is competent at what they are doing. Most of all, frequent safety inspections and audits can contribute significantly to maintaining the reduced rate of workplace accidents.

Human errors can happen, but they are also avoidable, especially with the right safety equipment to back them up. Visit KC Supply to find critical safety equipment that can help keep personnel out of harm’s way.