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In 2020, KC Supply Co customers can look forward to an even improved performance for service and quality.

Happy New Year! We hope you had a good holiday season because it’s back to business for us. We are proud to announce that KC Supply Co customers are in for a treat—we are looking forward to a stronger, better partnership in the next decade, and all the years to come. 

We have worked hard throughout the years to establish ourselves as an industry leader, and our three-decade strong history can attest to that. We have become one of the most trusted suppliers in bulk material conveying equipment and safety supplies. We also carry one of the biggest selections of Knappco and Civacon products in Kansas City, Missouri. 

Throughout the years, we know that many competitors are also providing the same products that we have. Our edge is we have always offered the best value for money for our customers, and that we have always considered them as valued business partners. 


In 2020, KC Supply Co customers can look forward to an even improved performance for service and quality. We are going to provide only the best-rated products that are known for their quality and durability. We also want to enhance our customer service even more. We are already going for 100% customer satisfaction, but we still want to improve that. If ever you are not pleased with anything, you can tell us, and we will do our best to correct it. 

At KC Supply Co, we pride ourselves on carrying only equipment that we would be using. Our products are also tested for safety, and they are equipment that we are proud to offer to our customers. With an even more stringent QC system in place, we are going to give you the products that you need, exactly when you need it.

Here is an improved and enhanced KC Supply Co. Happy New Year—and to our KC Supply Co customers, here’s to a more vibrant partnership between us. 

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KC Supply Co Wishes You Happy Holidays

We at KC Supply Co feel that the holidays are best celebrated with our customers. After all, your support over the past 30 years is the very reason that we continue to exist. Without you, our company would just be one of the many that offer bulk material conveying equipment and safety supplies in Kansas City.

Thanks to you, we have become industry leaders in conveying and elevating equipment. We have one of the largest selections of Civacon and Knappco products, which are must-haves in the industry. We also work hard to provide the best products at the best prices. We learned that by treating our customers as valued business partners, we are going to keep growing the business together. Your continued support through the years is proof of this. 

We at KC Supply Co love the holidays as these days allow us to put the limelight on what’s really important to us: our customers. We have always said that we want to do our best with every transaction, and we are really proud of the relationship we have built with our patrons throughout the years. Our goal is to provide 100% customer satisfaction, and we hope that we have performed to your expectations. We are ready to take on more challenges moving forward. 

This holiday season, we pray that all our customers had the opportunity to enjoy and to relax. We hope you were able to take a break because you deserve it. After the holiday rush is over, we are still going to be here for you as your trusted supplier and partner. And we are going to do our best to continue to up-level our service so that we can continue to be the partner that you deserve. 

Once again, we at KC Supply Co wish you and your family a very happy holiday season. We wish you all the best. 

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KC Supply’s Thanksgiving: A Huge Thank You to All KC Supply Co Customers

Our customers at KC Supply Co are the front and center of this year’s Thanksgiving. The remarkable progress and success that KC Supply has experienced all year have come from the incredible community of customers that surrounds it. The continued trust and reliance on the KC Supply brand are what fuels the company to remain in becoming a true leader in producing and conveying, safety, and access equipment.

The Company and its Customers

In the years that KC Supply has operated, it has earned the trust of numerous companies and customers across America. From the very beginning, the company has seen itself as a brand dedicated to the satisfaction of KC Supply Co customers. Manufacturers, farmers, and businesses across America have turned to the company for quality and reliability. These qualities have made us a leader in the industry, and we have our customers to thank entirely for this success.

Commitment to Safety and Quality

Part of what made customers rely upon KC Supply over and over again is the quality of its equipment. The diverse array of products provided by KC Supply are used by customers all over the country, called upon for their ease of use, durability, and reliability, especially in the moments when it matters. To maintain the standard that clients are accustomed to, KC Supply aims for another year of stellar equipment. The company takes pride in making sure that KC Supply Co customers can put their trust in every item.

This Thanksgiving is a time of reflection. It comes with the knowledge that none of this year’s brightest achievements for KC Supply Co could have happened without the unfailing trust of its customers. For that, KC Supply is grateful to have a fantastic community committed to excellence all around it and look forward to years to come.

Learn about KC Supply’s commitment to safety and high-quality equipment at


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KC Supply Honors and Thanks Veterans for Veterans Day

On this Veterans Day, KC Supply wants to extend its heartfelt thanks to veterans all over the country. With Kansas City itself being home to hundreds of thousands of veterans, the whole city takes part in honoring the brave men and women who risk their lives every day. And for KC Supply, the sacrifice and the risks taken by veterans in and outside of Kansas City cannot be understated.

KC Supply Supporting Movements for Veterans

From tiny homes to veterans centers, Kansas City has responded to the needs of the veterans and service members who have formerly been or are still in active duty. All year-round, but most especially during this Veterans Day, KC Supply thoroughly supports these initiatives to improve the lives of servicemen and women. The company hopes to continue aiding these movements in the years to come. The housing and medical efforts by the city do not go unnoticed, reaching national praise and acclaim. The company expresses its gratitude to groups and movements in and around the town and hope that they continue to better the lives of local vets.

The Community Comes Together for Veterans

KC Supply has always been a company that takes pride in its local community. Kansas City, as a community of families and companies, has embraced protecting those who have risked their lives to protect our freedoms at home. This Veterans Day, KC Supply also wants to thank the organizers of the art exhibits, discounts, and fundraisers. It has opened doors for discharged veterans to find new life as workers or entrepreneurs.

The Kansas City community has continued to express boundless gratitude and appreciation for the men and women of the United States military. And KC Supply would like to wholeheartedly thank these veterans and the Kansas City community for all the excellent work that they do.

Visit KC Supply to learn more about local initiatives and reminders in safety and protection for the Kansas City community.

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Reminders for Safe and Controlled Entry into a Confined Space

Entering a confined space in a factory or manufacturing plant needs a certain amount of preparation. The enclosure could have hidden risks in its corners that many workers may not consider before entering. Therefore, it’s essential to ingrain these safety reminders to the staff to avoid undue accidents or shut-ins in dangerous spaces.

  1. Check and monitor the atmosphere. One of the biggest concerns in an enclosed area is your breathing zone. Staying in a car with the windows rolled up overnight is dangerous enough as it is; you never know what other fumes may be in an enclosed space. Make sure there is a steady flow of air in the atmosphere. Your nose is not a gas detector, either; make sure to identify any strange smells. Remember that OSHA recommends flammable vapors to be below ten percent of the explosive limit.


  1. If you locate a hazard in a confined space, eliminate or control it immediately The moment your nose smells something off or tools detect anything out of the ordinary, seek out its source in the area. The source of the fumes must be determined and controlled (or eliminated) as soon as possible to prevent it from further exposure.


  1. Ensure that there is ventilation and that it is working correctly One of the main control measures put into place against toxic gases or fumes is the use of ventilation. An enclosed space where this material could be used needs to have proper ventilation. Make sure to check with OSHA regulations about the introduced air into the area, along with the length of ducts.


  1. Above all, always use personal protective equipment (PPE) If there is any risk of toxicity in an enclosed space, any personnel entering it must still make proper preparations and use personal protective equipment. Also, not just anyone should step into the area, especially if this is for rescue purposes. It requires a trained individual who is well-versed in the proper usage of the equipment.

An enclosed, confined space may seem innocuous at first glance, but we must rely on our other senses to truly gauge the danger within it. It’s better to err on the side of caution in the case of toxic gases and to ensure that all safety protocols are in place before entering the space. Contact us at KC Supply to learn more about protective equipment and other tips on safety protocols.


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Vital Fall Harvest Safety Tips for the Season

With the fall harvest in full swing, it’s good to remind supervisors and workers alike of vital safety tips. As thousands of lives are working on and depending upon the harvest, safety needs to be of utmost priority.

Everything from matters about the workers and the tools that they use, many safety issues need to be addressed.

  1. Always turn off the machines

After a long hard day in the fields at harvest, it’s no surprise that everyone is in a hurry to get home. But no matter what, it’s imperative to ensure that all machines are off before the last person leaves. A thorough equipment check should be made, removing clogs, and shutting off power, especially to heavy-duty machines.

  1. Reinforce the troops

The battalion of workers at the fall harvest still needs frequent rest and reminders to take regular meals. Sometimes, the work becomes so intensive that they might overlook eating altogether. Over-exhaustion and exposure outside in the elements, all while doing labor-intensive work, can have severe health consequences. It’s also vital that more people are brought in for the harvest, so all the work is distributed evenly. This is done by bringing in extra workers who can assist them in the tasks.

  1. Train and re-train the workers

Even if the workers had done this for a few seasons now, they still need to be re-trained to make sure everyone knows what to do during the harvest. New workers will also need adequate training. A qualified supervisor should show everyone the operating procedures as well as a run-through of the farm’s safety protocols.

  1. Rollover protection structures save lives

The right structures designed to prevent rollovers, particularly in farms that still use older equipment, are essential. During the fall harvest, any additional safety structures that need to be set up around the farm must be installed before any work gets done. Tractors with rollover protection can help save the lives of workers in and around the tractor at the time.

Harvest is, as the name suggests, a time of plenty for all. As long as the proper safety procedures and protocols are followed, it will also be a safe and fruitful time for everyone involved.


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How to Choose the Right Conveyor Belt for the Job

The conveyor belt is the bloodstream of your production line. You have to choose the right belt, since this part is moving for hours on end, day after day. Using the correct, compatible belt also guarantees a long lifetime of use.

Here are things you should look for when selecting the right conveyor belt:

  1. Check for the operating tension

The conveyor belt is where your product, or parts of it, will move and be transported in different areas along the plant. Its tension must be set at an appropriate level, and it must be able to handle the load of the product for long durations. It needs proper calibration before any use. Also, take note of the following concerns:

  • If the power load has increased, check if the belt has been too worn down with use.
  • If the product load has increased, the conveyor may need to be upgraded
  • If the product weight has increased, check to see if the conveyor belt is catching on anything, such as pulleys, idlers or frames.

 Check the flow of the belt and the process

Checking the flow entails making sure that the belt is appropriate for the conveyor width. It should smoothly transition through the loading zones, drums, and pulleys where items must go. If you find that the belt doesn’t fit those secondary items, take into account that it is easier to replace the accessories rather than the belt itself.

You also need to know how far the conveyor will have to travel. By understanding the movement’s distance, you can adjust the conveyor belt by adjusting its length or tension.

  1. Always be on the lookout for wear and tear

Without the conveyor belt, production will come to a halt. It’s always good to be vigilant about the wear and tear as it will be running for hours without end. Can it still manage the load? Is it wearing down? Is the cover still intact? Consider that you may need to replace the belt once again to ensure smooth, faultless production.

The right tools for the job and the right parts for the right machine ensure problem-free production in manufacturing plants and factories. Learn more about finding those perfect fits by visiting KC Supply.

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Railcar Fall Protection: What It Is and Why You Need It

One aspect of work-safety protection that doesn’t get discussed often is railcar fall protection. For industries that make use of railcars or tankers, this part of the safety procedures and protocols need a great deal of focus and attention to detail. 

It’s a complicated process: it’s not about height, as most railcars don’t go higher than 15 feet, and it’s not about crowding either, as most rail yards are significantly less populated than manufacturing floors. However, falls can still happen, with workers who work on the surface of these cars being most at risk.

What the Regulations Say

While there are already OSHA regulations in place for fall protection and prevention for workers with duties and tasks at anywhere over four feet, railcar fall protection requires more attention. There will be 15 feet of height between the employee and the ground when they are working on the surface of the railcar.

According to current OSHA standards, current fall protection doesn’t specifically address the fall hazards, but mere personal protection equipment standards will not be enough to ensure employee safety. It’s acceptable only if the employee is working on top of a stock inside or against a building, where you can install fall protection.

Best Practices for Railcar Fall Protection

In accordance to regulation 1926.501(b), which is one of the guidelines for fall protection, “each employee on a walking/working surface of 6 feet or more above the lower levels shall be protected from falling by a guardrail system, safety net system, or personal fall arrest system.” In short, should there be an area where an employee must be working on top of a railcar, there must be an appropriate guardrail or netting system ready there for them when they are working.

It’s best to seek out a company that will be able to give you the right netting or guardrail system that can adequately protect employees from harm while working up on railcars, tankers, and other systems. Head to KC Supply and learn more about jobsite safety and equipment.

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Important Harvest Safety Tips for the Coming Season

Maxi-Lift conveying and elevating buckets

Fall is coming closer with each passing day, as summer days draw long, and farmers have begun to prepare for harvest safety. The process of gathering produce in time for the fall harvest in full swing requires the full cooperation of all the employees and farm workers. There is a risk for trouble arising unexpectedly, no matter how excellent the preparations may be, so farmers are being issued reminders by numerous organizations to keep any untoward incidents at bay.

Here are some safety tips for a successful harvest:

  • Thoroughly inspect farm equipment. Regular upkeep and maintenance must be performed on all the equipment that will be put to use during the fall harvest season. Even then, workers must carefully inspect every harvest equipment. Safety is important during all procedures, and equipment malfunction can lead to accidents towards one or more farmhands.
  • Stay hydrated. The heat remains as the days grow long. Record-high temperatures are being recorded throughout the country, with no signs of change even as the fall season approaches. Staying hydrated will keep farmhands and employees focused in spite of the blistering heat, keeping them alert and on the lookout as the harvest process goes on.
  • Have a plan for grain bin safety. Grain bins need to be one of the biggest concerns during harvest. Safety procedures around grain bins need to be put into place, and it’s important to check if the farm or the local fire department are making use of grain rescue tubes, such as the ones provided by KC Supply, which cuts down rescue times during incidents of employees and personnel getting trapped in grain silos and towers.
  • Provide proper training for all workers. Workers, both young and old, need to be adequately prepared for all contingencies. Young workers need to be carefully assessed if they are both physically and mentally capable of the work. Reteach proper harvest safety for veteran workers. Ensure everyone knows proper lifting practices and road safety during the harvest period.

These are just some of the important reminders for farms when it comes to the fall harvest season. Safety must remain the number one priority for everyone during this important time for farms everywhere. Discover more important safety tips as well as more information on the need for grain safety tubes by visiting KC Supply.

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Why We Believe in the Grain Rescue Tube

Believing in the use of a grain rescue tube addresses the issue of grain-storage related accidents.

Grain bin emergencies and incidents have risen through the past few years, and the tide is steadily turning towards the growing realization that there needs to be a grain rescue tube at hand in every fire department. Here’s why.

The Rise of Grain Bin Safety

As grain storage systems have advanced, the efforts and steps taken by both companies and authorities for grain rescue have also begun to ramp up. Nationwide’s National Grain Bin Safety Week is one such effort that aims to remind companies and suppliers all over the country that grain bin safety is essential for the welfare of all employees that work daily around one.

KC Supply’s Modern Safety Methods

Joining in Nationwide’s effort to better promote grain bin safety, KC Supply has stepped up to become one of the best-known suppliers of grain rescue tubes. Designed with modular styles, steps, and locking panels, the tubes provided by KC Supply greatly cut down the time it takes to rescue workers who are trapped in grain storage bins or tower dryers. The efficiency of the tubes combined with their increased durability is a modern advancement in grain rescue.

“(The tubes) slide easily through most grains,” says President Scott Moseley. The company ensures that its tubes will ultimately cut down response time as well as the need for extra insertion tubes.

Speed and Safety are Top Priorities

According to Fire Chief Johnny Craft of the Hugo Fire Department in Kinston, North Carolina, the department’s interest in the KC Supply grain tubes began during an ongoing emergency with trapped personnel in a grain bin. It had taken hours to remove the victim from the situation, and in his search for more efficient and less hazardous methods, he came upon the grain rescue tubes by KC Supply. Using the tube, the extraction of trapped personnel went down to 45-90 minutes, as opposed to hours in the previous methods.

KC Supply has proven its commitment to grain bin safety and continues to deliver grain bin rescue tubes to fire departments to make grain rescue missions more efficient. Head over to KC Supply and discover other safety means and methods we endorse.

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