KC Supply, Co – an Essential Business for Agriculture and Safety

An essential business makes a huge difference when a pandemic cripples the world. As the world struggles and tries to protect lives, vital industries make sure that the most critical supply chains remain unbothered. Supply chains remaining functional keeps the world chugging along in the middle of the chaos. And KC Supply Co is a company that plays a significant role in the supply chain for agriculture.

As a company, KC Supply Co strives to be reliable and to focus on its customers. It has been in business since 1988, making sure to carry only the most reliable and dependable products.

Agricultural companies rely on the ability to maintain and repair their equipment, which is why it is important to have an essential business supplying parts. Agrarian companies also rely on being able to order new pieces of equipment when necessary. KC Supply Co offers equipment for bulk material handling to make it possible for farms to process food products. Parts and equipment such as:

  1. Access doors for storage tanks;

  2. Inspection and access points for elevating and conveying equipment;

  3. Monitoring equipment for ensuring the safety of agricultural facilities;

  4. Spouting; and

  5. Various safety equipment such as PPE, safety lighting, respirators, signage, fall protection.

By ensuring that agricultural companies can maintain their equipment, KC Supply Co is an essential business that helps keep the supply chain going. Agrarian companies can continue providing food to the market, and people can continue to eat and survive.

On top of that, KC Supply Co also provides safety equipment and PPE. These help prevent contamination and workplace injury. Additionally, they can also help avoid workplace fires and explosions caused by leaked gasses and floating debris. By providing crucial gear and equipment, KC Supply Co helps other essential businesses to continue providing their services and products.

If you require safety gear or agricultural equipment and parts, contact KC Supply Co – they’ll be happy to help you out.


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Safeguarding Employees with Screens

Safety screens play an important role in protecting people from moving equipment. If you don’t have screens installed with your inspection and access doors, you should.

“Doors are used to ‘enter’ equipment to inspect or work on the internal components,” said Jeff Lavery, KC Supply Co. owner. “With inspection doors, screens are usually permanently attached so that a tool is not required to open the door because they just ‘look’ at the equipment without entering (with tool, hand or body). For access doors, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires a tool to open the door – or a safety screen to prevent someone from sticking their hand or tool inside the equipment while it is running, thus potentially resulting in an injury or amputation.”

According to OSHA, amputations are among the most severe and disabling workplace injuries because they often result in permanent disability. They are widespread and involve various activities and equipment, including saws, presses, conveyors, and bending, rolling or shaping machines as well as powered and non-powered hand tools, forklifts, doors, trash compactors and during materials-handling activities.

Workplace injuries resulted in nearly 3,000 amputations in 2015, OSHA reported. A 2016 OSHA report revealed that there were 10,388 severe injuries caused by workplace conditions in 2015. These injuries led to 7,636 hospitalizations and 2,644 amputations. OSHA collected the data from 26 states that have higher safety standards than those mandated by federal regulations.

The manufacturing industry saw the highest proportion of accidents – it accounted for 57 percent of all amputations and 26 percent of all hospitalizations. Among the other industries with high accident rates were construction, transportation and warehousing as well oil and gas extraction.

The OSHA rules on “Safeguarding Equipment and Protecting Employees from Amputations” (OSHA 3170-02R) is available at www.osha.gov/Publications/OSHA3170/3170-02R-2007-English.html. The U.S. Department of Labor Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) has similar guidelines in place for moving machine part hazards.

Safety screens are a necessary part of any material-handling system to help prevent accidents. Consider that that conveyor belt moving at 300 feet per minute – or 5 feet per second – will you’re your tool, your loose clothing, your hand or your arm 5 feet into the pinch point before you can even react.

Do you have questions regarding safety screens? Please let KC Supply help you make your workplace safer for your employees. KC Supply provides screens for several brands of doors, including Tsubaki, PS Doors, Civacon and Knappco brands. Call KC Supply Co. today at 800.KCSUPPLY and let us answer all your questions and help you determine which safety screens are right for your equipment and facility. Visit www.kcsupply.com for more information.


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How to Choose a Railcar Hopper Gate Opener

Gate Opener - KC Supply Co.Unloading railcars is a slow, dirty and dangerous job. When you need to unload material from the bottom of the hoppers of railcars, railcar hopper gate openers can make the job safer and easier.

Gate openers allow a single operator to open or close hopper car gates in a fraction of the time required with manual tools. With the right railcar gate opener, even jammed railcar gates – the kind that require several workers to put in overtime or cause railcars to be shunted to alternate tracks – are easily and quickly opened.

Gate openers come in many different models with different features. Based on factors such as number of cars loaded, unloading site conditions including available utilities (compressed air pressure and volume, three-phase power, etc.), site security, and budget, there are many options. Wheeled-cart, beam-mount and portable gate openers are just a few.

So how do you decide which gate opener is best for your unloading site? Should you choose a fast, powerful model or a manual model? Consider the following to make your decision:

  • The condition and consistency of the railcars you process (Old and poorly maintained railcars mean more gate opener power is needed, and varying height capstans mean more height adjustability.)
  • The quantity of railcars you process on a daily, weekly or monthly basis (More gates mean more gate opener speed is needed.)
  • The condition and location of the unloading site (Remote sites or sites with uneven terrain can mean more gate opener automation, while tight quarters may require more gate opener manual operation.)
  • Your budget (Gate openers range in price from $1,000-$18,000, but financing and leasing programs are usually available.)

Trust KC Supply Co. Inc. to help answer your questions about gate openers and help you select the model that best fits your needs and budget. KC Supply Co. offers the industry’s best line of gate openers – the Door Demon. Key safety features of the Door Demon hopper gate openers include:

  • Safe, single-person operation
  • Helps prevent employee injuries
  • Lock out/tag out capabilities (OSHA Standard)
  • Powder-coated “safety yellow” for increased visibility
  • Removes workers from under railcars during unit operation
  • Drive controls return to neutral/stop upon release

Multiple power options are available: pneumatic, AC electric, DC electric, hydraulic and manual. With safety in mind, all Door Demon AC electric units are designed with explosion-proof motors and an enclosed kill switch for quick and easy shut-off. This safe solution is especially important in dusty, dirty environments, in industries where explosion risks are high such as fertilizers, grain, and ethanol.

Call KC Supply Co.’s experts for all your gate opener needs. We offer the industry’s best products for you. Call us at 800.527.8775 (800.KC.SUPPLY) or visit us at www.kcsupply.com.

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