KC Supply Co on Working in Wet Conditions

Keeping a company running in tip-top shape is hard enough, but add in challenging weather and wet conditions, then what you have is a potential recipe for disaster. Taking the proper steps is essential to ensuring your workplace is hazard-free and your personnel safe.

We recommend some steps to help keep your company safe in wet conditions.

Have the proper gear.

Provide sufficient rain gear for your employees during the rainy season to ensure a streamlined workflow, free from any accidents caused by inclement weather. Good rain gear includes both pants and a coat made from ventilated materials to be worn comfortably for prolonged periods. In the colder months, it is better to use ones made from wool or synthetic material that can still provide warmth in wet conditions.

Use the appropriate equipment.

Avoid using tools not rated for outdoor use when it is raining. Ensure that all of the tools that would be used have textured or non-slip grips to prevent accidents. Providing work boots with deep threads is also helpful to prevent slipping in the work area. It is also important to use anti-fog spray or wipes on glasses or safety goggles to ensure adequate vision. Providing a high visibility vest to ensure that you are easily identifiable, especially when working in areas with high vehicle traffic or when working around heavy machinery.

Keep it simple.

Double-check your workspace layout and note areas that are most likely to have water pooling on them during wet conditions. Examples could be areas near doorways, entrances, or delivery bays. Ensure that these areas are always dried or have hazard signs nearby. This would keep your employees safe and save the company money from any potential lawsuits.

With proper precautions in place, you can keep your employees safe during wet conditions. For more information on safety equipment and other safety tips, visit our website today.


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What you need to know about tornado safety

There have been 391 confirmed tornadoes in the US for 2023. It’s safe to say we are off to a windy start of the year. Tornado safety is essential in this regard, as every employer must be able to provide all of the necessary training, equipment, and planning that is needed for their employees to be safe.

Here are a few steps to help you keep your company safe during a tornado.

Plan ahead

The first thing you need to figure out is to identify the best place for a shelter. Underground areas like basements or storm cellars are ideal locations, as these areas are usually reinforced and away from any possible debris that could cause harm. If an underground shelter is unavailable, look for areas away from doors, windows, outside walls, and areas with wide-span roofs. Individuals caught in a tornado while driving are advised to head to the nearest shelter.

Get the right equipment

Tornado safety relies on having the right equipment. Create a disaster supply kit containing all the necessary items that an individual would need to survive for three days while waiting to be rescued. This includes food, water, first aid kits, flashlights, and other necessary supplies. These kits may be placed inside the shelter in advance. Ensure that any food items are stored properly and that you have adequate water and food for all your employees.

Updated training and exercises

Ensure that all of the employees have sufficient training in how to respond in case of an emergency. Training all employees to practice shelter-in-place plans is a great way to start the dialogue about tornado safety. Include in the training the need to account for all individuals present in the workplace while inside the shelters.

These are just some ways to ensure that your employees are safe in times of emergency. For more information on how to keep your employees safe, visit our website today.

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